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Year 9 Knowledge Organisers

Welcome to the Year 9

Knowledge Organiser page.

Here you will find knowledge organisers for each of your classes.

 The video below shows you how to use your knowledge organisers

Subjects / TermAutumnSpringSummer
EnglishKnowledge organiser Y9 Of Mice and Men1

Knowledge organiser Y9 To Kill a Mockingbird
ScienceKS3 Cells & movement

KS3 Interdependence

KS3 KO Magnetism and Electromagnetism
GeographyGeography Y9
HistoryHistory Y9
LanguagesYear 7 8 9 Spanish landscape

Year 7 8 9 French landscape
ICTComputer studies Y9KS3 Understanding Gaming Unit
ArtArt Y9
PEKnowledge organiser Table Tennis

Knowledge organiser Football

Knowledge organiser BadmintonPE KS3 Netball
MusicMusic KS3
DramaDrama Y9
PrepPrep Y9
AthenaA Y8 - 9 Art KO

A Y8 - 9 Maths KO

A Y8 -9 HUM KO

A Y8 -9 PE KO