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Welcome to the Year 10 Home Learning page!


Astrea Academy Dearne Home Learning Information:

Microsoft Teams Lesson Access

Please watch the video for more information on how access Microsoft Teams from home.

Please contact the school on 01709 892211 if you experience any issues or need more information.

Welcome to Astrea Academy Dearne’s Home Learning Centre. Here you will be able to access your child’s timetable and curriculum which supports them should they have to miss any of their education in school.

Astrea Academy Dearne’s core vision is ‘every student’ matters and we want every student to succeed and make progress, and keep up with their lessons so that they do not miss out on any more learning. To ensure that this happens, each student has access to the high quality learning resources that follows the in-lesson learning curriculum, which has been carefully prepared by their teachers and faculties.

Each child who is off school is still expected to complete work, if they are well enough to do so. This will ensure that they are reducing gaps in their knowledge and learning. Additionally, they will be more prepared for when they return to school and rejoin their classes.

Expectations for Home Learning:

If a student is absent (awaiting a COVID test result or other) and would normally be attending school, they are expected to:

    • continue to follow the academy timetable whilst at home isolating
    • complete all work to the best of their ability
    • at the end of each day send all completed work to
    • contact school should they not have internet access

Please look at your timetable displayed below. It will tell you what your school day is today. If you are absent, select the sessions that you have. Each session will provide you with resources to enable you to complete your work. The sessions are updated weekly to ensure you have access to the latest resources.

Please download and use the workbooks available:

  1. A printable work book that you can write on, is available here. Downloadable workbook
  2. An interactive work book that can be used with a device that has Word on, is available here. Download Interactive work book

Live Lesson Access

We are currently delivering live lessons to all students self-isolating. The live lessons follow the exact timetable you follow in school and are delivered by your teachers.

Please follow this link for more information on how to take part and how access Microsoft Teams from home. Microsoft Teams link

School dayMonday TuesdayWednesday ThursdayFriday
Form time 8.30-9 am
(expect a phone call from HoY and school to check you are ready for learning)
Knowledge organiser revision/quizYear 10 Knowledge OrganisersKnowledge organiser revision/quizYear 10 Knowledge OrganisersPixl Loric
Pixl LoricLORIC Schedule 2020 2021
Knowledge organiser revision/quizYear 10 Knowledge OrganisersKnowledge organiser revision/quizYear 10 Knowledge Organisers
Lesson ----->
Lesson 1Lesson 2Lesson 3Lesson 4Lesson 5
EnglishLesson 1 and 4 combined Mr Birling

Lesson 1 Birling's Speech

Lesson 1 Mr Birling

Lesson 2 Mr Birling extended writing

Lesson 3 White Slavery in London by Annie Besant

Lesson 3 White Slavery in London

Lesson 4 Birling's Speech

Lesson 4 Mr Birling

Maths P1, 2, 3 AND 4WS3


Triple Science Mr. Guy
Waves 05 Physics

Waves 06 Physics

Waves 07 Physics HT
Dr Venning
Chemical Analysis L7 Home Learning

Chemical Analysis L8 Home Learning

Chemical Analysis L9 Home Learning
ScienceLesson 06 Newton's First Law

Lesson 07 Newton's Second Law

Lesson 08 Acceleration RP

Lesson 09 Acceleration RP part 2

Lesson 10 Newton's Third Law
History 10 Hist Elizabeth Booklet
Geography A3-Revision-Sheet---Hazards-and-Earthquakes

RE!ERROR! Cell L1 does not exist
PE (practical)
SpanishY10 Sp Week 5 Higher listening to annotate
ArtYear 10 sculpture designs lesson 1-3
KS4 Year 10 Assesment prep

KS4 Year 10 Perfroming a role
ICTTopic 2 Worksheet 2

Topic 2 Homework 2
Prep For Adult Life
PhotographyYear 10 Photography Still life
BusinessWeek 6 L1 RETRIEVAL TASKS 2.2

Week 6 L2 Revision lesson section C
Computer Science Networks 5

Networks 6
Sports Studies
Health and Social Care

What to do if you have access issues:

In the event that you are having difficulty accessing the resources you should in the first instance email if you have internet access. If this is not available, please phone the school on 01709 892211

Reading in Year 10

Please click to access the file.

A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens:

The audio version of A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens:   

Science Revision – Year 10