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Tutor Time Curriuculum

Personal Development Time (Tutor Time):

Our tutor time currently consists of 5 key strands delivered every week. At Astrea Academy Dearne, we strive to ensure that all learning time is used effectively including the daily tutor time session.  Pupils are in horizontal year groups with an assigned Pastoral Year Leader and an Academic Year Leader.

Pastoral Leader Year 7

Mr Terry Simon:

Miss Lauren Myers:

Pastoral Leader Year 8

Mrs Jess Woodcock:

Mr Gary Oliver:

Pastoral Leader Year 9

Mrs Colette Ellis:

Miss Cesca Knight:

Pastoral Leader Year 10

Miss Emma Simpson:

Mr Colm Atkinson:

Pastoral Leader Year 11

Mrs Kay Child:

Mrs Jessica Stork:


All year groups undergo the following sessions: Form Schedule

All year groups (except for Y11 that may have some bespoke intervention in addition to tutor time activities) undergo the following sessions: 

  1. Votes for Schools
  2. Careers – delivered by our internal CEAIG lead these sessions are made up of bespoke presentations, live broadcasts, Grofar activities and career events through the year  
  3. Moral Dilemmas – scenarios and discussions around moral decision making in real life situations, linking in British Values and Protected characteristics, and being able to articulate these confidently.
  4. Attendance, Behaviour, and Culture – a weekly celebration of classroom commendations, attendance and sessions that build upon our trust ethos and expectations. An assembly quiz is also completed to ensure we are retaining personal development knowledge and consistently working on our character education
  5. Assembly – delivered to celebrate or focus on annual events, raise awareness, give information and support on matters such as anti-bullying, protected characteristics, British Values, cultural celebrations and current news as well as celebrate successes amongst the year group. Our assembly programme is a progressive curriculum, having weekly themes that are built upon each academic year. 

Student work in tutor time:

Our students have their own tutor time exercise book whereby they will complete their tutor time activities and reflections. We expect students to demonstrate our PROUD expectations when completing this work such as the examples below:


  • Punctuation and grammar
  • Ruler and pencil for diagrams
  • Outstanding effort every lesson
  • Underline titles and key information
  • Dates and titles every lesson
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