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Student Leadership

Student Leadership


Student Council


Every single student at Astrea Academy Dearne is a member of the Student Council. We follow the Smart School Council model where all students have a chance to debate and have their views and opinions about what’s happening in school represented on a real time basis.  Students are encouraged to speak to the Student Leadership Team in school if they have an idea that they would like to take forward.  If this is agreed, then the student will be supported on leading with their project.


Student Leadership Team


The Student Leadership Team is made up of a group of students from every Year group in school.  They work closely together on supporting the whole school student council and organising class meetings and debates.  In addition to this they are involved in the recruitment process of new staff to the school.  Student Leaders have different responsibilities from staff liaison to data collection.  All Student Leaders however, are there to support and represent their fellow students.



Student Librarians


All students have the opportunity to apply to be a Student Librarian. Students are selected by a written application and interview with the Learning Resource Centre Manager and representatives of the Student Librarian Team.

The Student Librarians help develop a sense of student ownership of the library providing positive role models to other library users. They assist with a range of library duties including desk duty, cataloguing books, planning and participating in literary events.



Student Ambassadors and Wider Leadership

At Astrea Academy Dearne we have a number of ambassadors across school that lead on a number of incentives such as: Y10 move on up – transition ambassadors; wellbeing ambassadors; anti-bullying ambassadors; anti-racism ambassadors, and PRIDE ambassadors.


Our students are also given opportunities to develop their leadership skills within the leadership aspects of their tutor time provision, curriculum based activities, as well as extra-curricular endeavours such as our cadet force and the Duke of Edinburgh Award.

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