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Positive Learning Behaviour

“The behaviour of pupils is good. Pupils are helpful, polite and courteous to staff, visitors and each other. The atmosphere in school is positive, supportive and caring” (OFSTED December 2016)

“Leaders and governors have created a safe and well-ordered environment in which pupils feel secure and well supported” (OFSTED December 2016)

Children are at the heart of everything we do at Astrea Dearne. We like children, we like working with them and getting the best out of them.

Our ethos and values, including respect, kindness and dignity, underpin our approach to how everyone interacts with each other in school.

Our expectations of pupils are high: we expect them to be smartly dressed; to be punctual and prepared for learning; and to have a positive attitude to their learning.

We have an “Empowering the positive’ approach to behaviour for learning and look to reward positive work, behaviour and attitudes to learning. We ‘catch’ the children being good.

We are an inclusive school and support our pupils with whatever difficulty they may face. The principles of ‘Team Teach’ are incorporated into how we support pupils with difficulties, overseen by an experienced and skilful Pastoral team.

We firmly believe in ‘choices and consequences’ and while we encourage correct choices, we are aware pupils will at times make incorrect decisions. We strongly enforce our consequences to ensure pupils learn from their mistakes and alter their behaviour.

Success | The Dearne ALC

“The work done by the school to promote positive behaviour and pupils’ personal development and well-being is good” (OFSTED December 2016)

Restorative practices through post-incident learning support pupils in making correct choices in the future. We also reward positive attitudes and attendance of over 96% daily, weekly and termly and our House system underpins our rewards.

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