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Personal Development – Overview

Cultural awareness is embedded in our personal development offer through a range of initiatives which include: community projects like Goldthorpe Embankment transition project and Tiny Forests; Dove self-esteem project with the girls’ wellbeing and progress group; boys wellbeing group; Pride group; extra-curricular offer; Dearne Combined Cadet Force and the Duke of Edinburgh Award. In addition to this we have implemented a personal development programme in to our tutor time which covers citizenship, PiXL LORIC and careers, as well as an assembly programme mapped out to cover equality and educate pupils on protected characteristics, this programme further compliments a rich PSHE and SMSC delivered through the Prep for Adult Life curriculum. Future plans are in place to map out opportunities to celebrate diversity and provide “worldly” experiences throughout the academic year through the curriculum and beyond, working towards an annual work experience project for an annual diversity festival.


Our achievements to date:

Excellence in Pupil Development Award – October 2020

A new award launched in September 2019, we became the 4th school nationally to achieve this.

At Astrea Academy Dearne we strive to fulfil the potential of all pupils in a range of areas throughout their five years of study. Academic success is one of our priorities, but ensuring that our pupils have the necessary life skills to prepare them for life out of school in an ever evolving society is also a key priority. As a school we have successfully gained accreditation of a nationally recognised award: Excellence in Pupil Development Award from Award Place and Optimus Education in October 2020; and we are amongst the first five schools nationally to achieve this. We are delighted to have gained recognition for our successful learners who mature into responsible citizens and for their involvement in the local community such as in our transition programme working with the Dearne local area team.

The personal attributes we focus on developing in our pupils through this award and through our Personal Development provision are:

  • Self-confidence and self esteem
  • Self-discipline, responsibility and resilience
  • Pride in learning
  • Goal-setting and ambition
  • Good behaviour


Careers Standard – December 2020

At Astrea Academy Dearne, the basis of our Careers Programme is that we want students to make well informed and realistic decisions about their choices at school and beyond.  Our aim is for students to:

1) Raise aspirations

2) Develop a broader understanding of the world of work

3) Develop their self and opportunity awareness to make decisions, review plans and cope with change

We focus on self-development, career exploration and career management.

The entire Careers Programme is shaped by the framework from the Career Development Institute and we are also proud to announce that we are meeting in full the eight Gatsby benchmarks.  We are adhering to the 2018 guidance set out by the Department for Education on careers provision in schools.


Barnardo’s Beacon School Status

As part of the Wellbeing Hub provision at Astrea Academy Dearne, we have gained recognition for the extensive work we have carried out around mental health, anti-bullying and in particular the work completed around LGBTQ+ in school with both staff and students.


Wellbeing Award for Schools – July 2021

At Astrea Academy Dearne we strive to build on our successful accreditation of the EPDA (Excellence in Pupil Development Award) last academic year we also achieved the WAS (Wellbeing Award for Schools). The wellbeing and mental health of all staff and students is of great importance to us at Astrea Academy Dearne; we endeavour to provide a positive school culture, which requires a whole-school approach that is led from the top while involving all in the school community. We have gained recognition for our work in developing emotional wellbeing in school with attributes such as resilience, character building, relationships and self-esteem, etc. Understanding both developmental and mental health awareness is critical.

The WAS has eight objectives which focus on areas of evaluation, development and celebration of the work of schools in promoting and protecting emotional wellbeing and positive mental health.

Astrea Academy Dearne Personal Development Journey

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