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Astrea Academy Dearne – FBV and PSHE curriculum in:

Personal Development and PSHCE Intent

PSHCE Long Term Plan

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This curriculum prepares students for life beyond school by:

  • providing students with relationships and sex education
  • providing high quality careers guidance and support
  • developing students’ social awareness and understanding
  • developing students’ understanding of the values of our country and the laws that underpin the society we live in
  • providing students with the tools that they will need for life after Astrea Academy Dearne


British values are: democracy; the rule of law; individual liberty; mutual respect for and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs and for those without faith.


FBV are taught at Astrea Academy Dearne in ‘Prep for Adult Life’ lessons, supporting assemblies and ‘PiXL LORIC’ in form time. The teaching of FBV is integrated into lessons that explore a range of different aspects of life in the United Kingdom and the ways in which all members of society are participants who shape this experience. Students are given the opportunity to ask questions, engage in discussion-based learning and to develop their own thoughts and ideas about their role(s) in their community and society as a whole.


Democracy: Students are taught about their role in the community and what it means to be British, including the many different experiences that people may have as British people. They are encouraged to explore what values are, to consider their own values and how these values impact their choices. Students develop their understanding of the system of government in place in the UK, and learn about how laws are made and the way that these laws impact their daily lives. Students are given the opportunity to explore the economy, their personal finances and explore how and why they are able to make decisions about their personal finances. Students also have the opportunity to explore their rights and responsibilities as British and global citizens by exploring the impact of the rule of law and their own responsibilities in upholding democracy.


The Rule of Law: Students are encouraged to reflect on the rule of law and consider this in a number of different contexts. Initially, students consider the ways that they can develop relationships and explore healthy ways to do this; they also explore the support systems including school systems and systems of law that are in place to protect them as individuals. Students in all year groups have received a visit from the Police to explore the impact of guns and knives in their communities and the legal consequences for the perpetrators involved in these crimes and criminal activity. Students explore the rule of law in response to E-safety, CSE and County Lines. Students also develop their understanding of the rule of law including the laws surrounding consent, revenge porn and the ways that criminal behaviour in these areas is prosecuted.


Individual Liberty: Students are encouraged to explore their own personal identities and the individual freedom, choices and opportunities that they can enjoy living in the United Kingdom. Students explore what makes them unique and how these factors shape the community that they live in and Britain as a whole. Students explore the impact of drugs and alcohol and explore how this impacts the individual including the choices that they may make, the personal ramifications of these choices and, where appropriate, the legal ramifications of these choices. Students explore different types of relationships and their responsibilities in relationships with others. Students are given the chance to explore ideas about tolerance and stereotypes and their impact on them, the community and society. Students are given the chance to explore their individual freedoms and also their individual responsibilities with the freedoms they have been afforded.


Mutual Respect and Tolerance: Students are given the opportunity to discuss and learn how to build relationships and different types of relationships. Staff model how to develop respectful relationships with their students and encourage students to reflect on how to develop positive relationships with others. Students are given the opportunity to explore the legally protected characteristics of individuals within the United Kingdom – particularly reflecting this year on the LGBTQ+ community – and their individual roles in creating and sustaining an environment that is rooted in mutual respect and tolerance of other people and their individual or collective beliefs.


RSE: Relationships and Sex Education

Astrea Academy Dearne takes its responsibility to provide relevant, effective and responsible relationships and sex education and Health education to all its pupils as part of the school’s personal, social, health and economic education (PSHEE) curriculum very seriously. The school wants parents and pupils to feel assured that sex education will be delivered at a level appropriate to both the age and development of pupils, and that it is safe to voice opinions and concerns relating to the sex education provision. Through the delivery of high quality, evidence-based and age-appropriate RSE and Health Education, the school aims to help prepare pupils for the onset of puberty, give them an understanding of sexual development and the importance of health and hygiene, create a positive culture in relation to sexuality and relationships and to ensure pupils know how and when to ask for help and where to access support. By the end of their education the school hopes pupils will have developed resilience and feelings of self-respect, confidence and empathy in preparation for the responsibilities and experiences of adult life.

It is important that the school implement the Relationships, Sex and Health policy consistently throughout the school and provide effective provision throughout classrooms. We encourage teachers to provide classes that are specific to the needs of the pupils in that class, and responsive to their behaviour and development.


Through this aspect of our curriculum we aim to explore different attitudes, values and social labels, and develop skills that will enable our pupils to make informed decisions regarding RSE and Health Education. It is important that pupils know the difference between fact, opinion and belief.


The RSE, Relationships and Heath Education will be delivered in Prep for Adult Life and science, and will build on the foundation of the RSE delivered in primary school. By the end of secondary school, the school expects pupils to know the information set out in Appendix 1 of the RSE policy.


 The school wishes to promote pupils’ health and well-being by encouraging self-control, their ability to self-regulate and strategies for doing so. This will enable pupils to become confident in their ability to achieve well and persevere even when they encounter setbacks or when their goals are distant, and to respond calmly and rationally to setbacks and challenges. The school believes that an integrated, whole-school approach to the teaching and promotion of health and wellbeing will have a positive impact on behaviour and attainment. Health Education will be delivered within science, computing, Physical Education (PE) Prep for Adult Life, tutor time PiXL LORIC and through nutrition at Key stage 3.

By the end of their secondary education the school expects pupils to know the information set out in Appendix 2 of the RSE policy.

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