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How to Access Microsoft Teams at Astrea Dearne?


Astrea Academy Dearne Home Learning Information:

Welcome to Astrea Academy Dearne’s Home Learning Centre. Here you will be able to access information about how to access Microsoft Teams for Live Learning sessions. Your child should follow their school timetable as they normally would do, should they have to miss any of their education due to self-isolating.

Astrea Academy Dearne’s core vision is ‘every student’ matters and we want every student to succeed and make progress, and keep up with their lessons so that they do not miss out on any more learning. To ensure that this happens, each student has access to the high quality learning resources that follows the in-lesson learning curriculum, which has been carefully prepared by their teachers and faculties.

Each child who is off school is still expected to complete work, if they are well enough to do so. This will ensure that they are reducing gaps in their knowledge and learning. Additionally, they will be more prepared for when they return to school and rejoin their classes.


Online learning: Student Expectations

  1. Be on time for every lesson 
  2. Be in a quiet environment
  3. Check teams in advance to see if your class teacher has uploaded any resources for the lesson 
  4. Camera off 
  5. Sound on mute until you are asked to contribute 
  6. Be ready to learn; pen and paper is required for every lesson 
  7. Complete all the tasks in full throughout the lesson 
  8. Complete all work to a high standard 
  9. Contribute answers when asked by the teacher 
  10. Work with 100% concentration and effort 
  11. If you need help, use the hand up icon and wait for the teacher to respond 
  12. At the end of the lesson the teacher will give you instructions on where to send your completed work

Written Instructions

  1. go to the ‘student’ tab
  2.  select the option ’email login’
  3. type your school email address  – it will be your first and last name all as one word. For example alexstudent@astreadearne.org
  4. enter your email password (this will be the same one that you use to login in to your computer)
  5. click the 9 dots in the top left hand corner of the Office 365 web page
  6. click the ‘Teams’ app
  7. go to calendar
  8. find today’s lessons
  9. click ‘Join’
  10. If this does not work, please contact your teacher via their school email
  11.  please send complete work to homelearning@astreadearne.org


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