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Staff Members

Teaching Staff

Mr M Allen – Vice Principal – System Leadership
Mr C Atkinson – Teacher of History
Mr T Bagnall – Teacher of Science
Mrs A Baird – Senior Post Holder Mathematics
Mr S Barry –  Head of ADT
Miss E Booth – Teacher of History
Miss C Borges – Head of MFL
Mrs D Brough – Associate VP Curriculum and Staffing
Ms S Burn – Second in ADT
Mrs C Butler – Associate Faculty Leader Maths
Mrs E Cherry –  Director of Student Leadership and Ambition
Mr E Child –  Vice Principal – Student Progress
Miss E Clayton –  Teacher of Mathematics
Mrs J Cowgill –  Teacher of Geography and RE
Mr D Cowling –  Teacher of Mathematics
Mrs N Davis –  Second in PE and Expressive Arts
Mrs K Dowling –  Assistant Principal English Standards
Miss R Faulkner – Senior Post Holder Enrichment and Student Voice
Mrs J Fawcett – Teacher of English
Mr S Frith – Teacher of ICT
Mrs V Gillings – Second in English and Communications
Mrs V Gilmore – AP Teacher Training and Curriculum Experience
Miss A Green – Teacher of PE – House System Co-ordinator
Mr S Guy – Teacher of Science
Miss K Hall – Teacher of Mathematics
Mr C Hazard – Teacher of Physical Education
Mrs J Hodgkinson – Leadership Coach SEND
Mrs L Hollins –  Director of EBacc and More Able Champion
Miss A Holt –  Teacher of Art
Mr S Hooley –  Teacher of Mathematics
Mr B Horbury – AP Teacher Development and Academic Partnerships
Mr S Hunter – Assistant Director of Progress Science
Mrs L Jackson – Teacher of English
Mr H Kirk –   Leadership Coach – English
Miss Z Lees – Teacher of Science
Mrs A Lumley – Teacher of Science
Ms S Lynch – Lead for Psychology
Miss S MacKenzie – Unqualified Teacher of English
Miss L Mair – Lead Co-ordinator Media
Miss A Marshall – Teacher of English
Mrs G McFadden – Director of Science
Miss S Mercer – Head of History
Mrs A Moore – AP Strategic Faculty Lead Closing the Gap SEND
Mr L Moreton – Head of Vocational IBC
Mr A Murtagh-Burd – Teacher of Modern Foreign Languages
Mr G Oliver – Unqualified Teacher of Drama
Mrs L Orwin – Teacher of Physical Education
Miss J Oxer – Teacher of History
Mrs H Parkin – Teacher of Health and Social Care
Mrs R Pollard – Head of Humanities
Mr R Purdy – Head of SEN
Mr P Richardson – Head of PE
Mr B Schofield – Teacher of Mathematics
Mr A Stead – AP Strategic Faculty Lead
Ms J Stork – Teacher of Business – Business Enterprise Co-ord
Mr J Thompson – Head of Geography
Mr N Todd – Teacher of Mathematics
Mrs N Waite – Director of Teaching and Learning: ITT SCITT NQT L
Ms N Ward – Senior Post Holder Literacy Across Curriculum
Miss J Weddell – Teacher of Geography
Mrs E Whitfield – Leadership Coach – Science
Mrs J Wilson – Principal

Associate Staff

Miss A Akhtar –  Finance and Extended Services Manager
Mrs A Annable – s School Meals Supervisory Assistant
Mrs L Barker –  Science Technician
Mrs S Barrass –  Kitchen Assistant
Mrs C Bennett –  Support Worker Inclusion
Miss L Bent –  ADT Technician
Mrs L Beynon –  Information and Data Lead
Mrs H Brady –  Kitchen Assistant
Mr A Bull –   Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Mrs S Bull –   Kitchen Assistant
Mrs C Carruthers –  CEIAG Business and Enrichment Leader
Mrs D Carter –  Learning Support Assistant
Mr D Cherry –  Attendance Learning and Behaviour Director
Mrs K Child –  Head of Year/House
Mrs M Clarke –  Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Miss J Cleary –  Associate Head of Year
Mrs K Crawford –  Associate Head of Year
Mr G Crew –  Behaviour Support Worker
Mrs D Cusworth –  Kitchen Assistant
Mrs J Cusworth –  Support Worker Inclusion
Mrs C Cuthbert –  School Meals Supervisory Assistant
Mrs S Cutts –  Examinations Officer
Mrs J Dale –  Kitchen Assistant
Miss J Dawson –  Cook
Mrs C Ellis –   Senior CIAG Manager
Mrs S Fisher –  Head of Year/House Safeguarding Lead
Mrs S Foster –  Inclusion Administration Assistant
Mr L Fowler –  Behaviour Support Worker
Mrs D Grainger –  Kitchen Assistant
Mrs L Hardman –  Data Progress and Attendance Manager
Mrs C Harrison –  Assistant Cook
Mr D Hesford –  Head of Year/House
Ms J Hollingsworth –  ADT Technician Food and Textiles
Miss C Johnson –  SEN Administrator
Mrs A Jones Senior – Receptionist
Miss V Kenny –  Deputy Inclusion Manager
Mrs S Ketnor –  Head of Kitchen
Miss L Lacey –  Personal Assistant to Principal
Mrs A Lackenby –  Kitchen Assistant
Mrs S Linstead –  Pupil Systems Manager
Mrs J Mason –  Associate Head of Year
Mrs S Mattrick –  Kitchen Assistant
Mrs P McDougall –  Librarian
Mrs H Peace –  Receptionist/Admin Assitant
Mrs P Power –  Learning Support Assistant
Mrs L Ratcliffe –  Kitchen Assistant
Mrs J Roper –  Learning Support Assistant
Mrs A Sidebottom –  Senior School Meals Supervisory Assistant
Miss V Sidebottom –  School Meals Supervisory Assistant
Mr T Simon –  Head of Year/House
Mrs J Speight –  Attendance Admin Assistant
Mr M Spiby –  Data Systems Support & Reprographics Officer
Mrs J Stocks –  Administrative Assistant
Mrs F Swann –  Human Resources Manager
Miss K Sykes –  Cover Supervisor
Miss H Szabo –  Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Mrs P Warrior –  School Meals Supervisory Assistant
Miss J Watson –  Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Miss L Westcott –  Head of Year/House
Mrs J Wheatcroft –  Behaviour Support Worker
Miss S Whitehouse –  Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Mr R Wordsworth –  Director: Business and Human Resources

Associate Staff – Casual

Mr A Brammer –  Examination Invigilator
Mrs Cuthbert – Examination Invigilator
Mrs J Eely –   Examination Invigilator
Mrs S Gent –  Examination Invigilator
Mr S Hatfield –  Examination Invigilator
Mr D James –  Examination Invigilator
Mrs G Jessop –  Examination Invigilator
Miss J Parkin –  Examination Invigilator
Mrs C Richards –  Examination Invigilator
Mr R Roberts –  Examination Invigilator
Mr W Spilsbury –  Examination Invigilator
Miss C Stanton –  Examination Invigilator
Mrs J Steele –  Examination Invigilator
Miss M Sykes –  Examination Invigilator
Mrs J Teasdale –  Examination Invigilator
Mrs R Webster –  Examination Invigilator
Mrs J Woodward –  Examination Invigilators
Mr M Wragg –  Examination Invigilator
Mrs H Peace –  HR Admin Assistant
Mrs H Peace –  Finance Officer
Mrs J Eely –   ADT Technician Food and Textiles
Mrs D Ward – ADT REst submission