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Athena Rationale

A strong, morally driven school that believe in the highest level of success for all children, particularly for disadvantaged groups and children identified as SEND.

A safe, inclusive, well-resourced space that allows all children to become exactly who they want to be. (2020 Vision)



Angela Moore  –  Assistant Principal: Closing the Gap for SEND and Strategic Lead for English

Ryan Purdy – SENDCO

Jade Hodgkinson – Leadership Coach: SEND (SENDCO)

Andy Bull – HLTA: Alternative Curriculum (Athena)

Marie Clarke – HLTA: Maths

Hannah Szabo – HLTA: Science

Jane Watson – HLTA: Humanities

Sam Whitehouse – HLTA: English

Julie Cusworth – LSA

Pam Power –  LSA

Julie Roper – LSA

Charlotte Johnson – LSA


The Athena Strategy

Initially, students join Athena in Year 7. Through close liaison with our Feeder Primary schools we identify students who are not yet Key Stage 3 ready. It is a fluid intervention strategy and students graduate back into our mainstream curriculum offer when they are deemed ready but they can stay with Athena all the way through to Year 11.

The Athena Curriculum in Year 7 and 8

  • English (20 hours per fortnight)
  • Maths (10 hours per fortnight)
  • Humanities (4 hours per fortnight)
  • Science (4 hours per fortnight)
  • Art (2 hours per fortnight)
  • Drama (2 hours per fortnight)
  • Music (2 hours per fortnight)
  • Computer Studies (1 hour per fortnight)
  • MFL (1 hour per fortnight)
  • PE (2 hours per fortnight)
  • Food (1 hour per fortnight)
  • Prep for Adult Life (1 hour per fortnight)


The Athena Curriculum in Year 9 and 10

  • AQA Step Up to English (16 hours per fortnight)
  • AQA Step Up to Maths (10 hours per fortnight)
  • AQA Entry Level Science (6 hours per fortnight)
  • AQA PSHE Award (2 hours per fortnight)
  • GCSE Drama (4 hours per fortnight)
  • GCSE Art and Photography (5 hours per fortnight)
  • Athena Humanities (2 hours per fortnight)
  • Literacy Interventions (2 hours per fortnight)
  • Core PE (3 hours per fortnight)


The Athena Curriculum in Year 11

  • AQA GCSE/ Functional English Level 1 and 2
  • AQA GCSE/ Functional Maths Level 1 and 2
  • AQA STEM Award
  • AQA Personal and Social Education Certificate
  • EDEXCEL Functional ICT Level 1 and 2
  • RSPH Nutrition for Health Level 1
  • ASDAN Personal Effectiveness Award
  • + GCSE OPTIONS (Art, Photography, Performing Arts, Computing, Health and Social Care, Child Development)



When students are ready to reintegrate into mainstream on a full time basis. The Principal is invited to present students with their Graduation certificate and their Owl of Athena badge. Graduates maintain a strong connection with Athena and are supported by SEND colleagues as they reintgrate into mainstream. Our HLTA: Alternative Curriculum meets with graduates fortnightly to monitor their progress for as long as deemed necessary.