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Form Tutor Groups

Year 7

Lead Form Tutor: Mrs J Stork

Year 7 Form Tutors

7LJN: Mrs L Jackson

7DSN: Miss D Sutton

7VGS: Mrs V Gillings

7RPE: Miss R Page

7JFT: Mrs J Fawcett

7DCE: Mrs D Clarke/Mr D Moore

7RFR: Miss R Faulkner

7JSK: Mrs J Stork/Miss H Coyle


Year 8

Lead Form Tutor: Mr C Atkinson

Year 8 Form Tutors

8AFR: Miss A Farrar

8CAN: Mr C Atkinson

8SKL: Mrs S Kelsall

8EHL: Miss E Hall

8JOR: Miss J Oxer

8JWL: Mrs J Frith

8SMR: Mrs S Mercer

8SWE: Miss S Whitehouse

8RPD : Mrs R Pollard

Year 9

Lead Form Tutor: Mr C Hazard

Year 9 Form Tutors

9AVR: Mr A Vinter

9CMY: Mr C McKay

9GVT: Miss B Semple

9NTD: Mr N Todd

9TJE: Mr T Joyce

9SWE: Miss S Whitehouse

9KDY: Miss K Deary

9ACU: Mrs A Corbean

9CHD: Mr C Hazard

Year 10

Lead Form Tutor: Mrs N Forrest

Year 10 Form Tutors

10 NFT: Mrs N Forrest

10LMN: Mr L Moreton

10SFH: Mr S Frith

10SBY: Mr S Barry

10SLH: Mrs S Lynch

10CB: Miss C Borges

10AHT: Mrs A Oliver

10GOR: Mr G Oliver

Year 11

Lead Form Tutor: Mr T Bagnall

Year11 Form Tutors

11JVG: Dr J Venning

11KSH: Miss K Smith

11RGY: Mr R Gray

11RWE: Mr R White

11SGY: Mr S Guy

11TBL: Mr T Bagnall

11NDS/VOY: Mrs N Davis/ Mr V Oczadly

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