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The CCF has been successfully run in schools for many years and has helped thousands of young people develop key life skills such as confidence, self-discipline and resourcefulness.

Cadet units in schools are supported financially by the Ministry of Defence, but are not part of the Armed Forces.  The cadet forces follow some of the customs and traditions of their parent Service, such as using the same rank structure, and taking part in some military-themed training, but the organisations are separate. There is no commitment to military service of any kind, for the cadets or adults involved.

The focus of the CCF is to provide active and adventurous training, to give young people opportunities for personal development outside of the classroom.


Process for joining Dearne CCF

Typically cadets would join in Year 8, however there may be the opportunity to join in years 9 and 10 if agreed by the contingent commander. All new recruits would be taught the same cadet syllabus irrespective of their school year. After demonstrating commitment to the CCF for a period of time the recruit will then be issued a uniform which they are expected to look after and wear in a smart and soldier like manner. Further details on the uniform page.

From the outset, cadets will have the opportunity to try many different activities offered by the CCF. There are many different qualifications such as the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, St John Ambulance first aid qualifications and BTECs, which they can work towards, and as they spend more time in the CCF, they will be encouraged to aim for promotion. Promotion and achievement does not come down to academic ability, and the cadets who excel are those who develop their teamwork, listening skills, self-discipline, organisation and commitment. Those who prove themselves will achievement promotion through the ranks, allowing them more responsibility and input into their section’s activities.

Each year the cadets will have the opportunity to attend one of several centrally controlled camps, often held at MOD establishments, some of which will also offer National Governing Body certificates. These camps offer the cadets the chance to experience life on a military base, but alongside their peers and school staff. The MOD is very conscious of its role as activity provider and undertakes to ensure every session that a cadet is involved in adheres to the strict regulations laid out in its own safety management system. This is often above national governing level set by the sports own guidelines, and will ensure a safe environment for your child.

If you have any questions, please go and see the school staff involved.

Great Yorkshire Show 2021


Great Yorkshire Show 2022


Exercise New Horizons 2022

Fieldcraft 1st Experience



Cadet Parade Nights


Dearne CCF Photo Gallery

Parade Nights

SSI S/Sgt Mather discusses the cadet values and standards

Introduction to Navigation

SI Sgt Walker delivers high quality Map Reading and Navigation lesson

New recruits develop map reading skills

Cadets collaborate to double check their map reading skills

SI Sergeant Walker introduces the Fig11 Target

Skill at Arms Introduction weekend (QEB Strensall, January 2020)

Contingent Commander Lt Lynch hones her observation skills

Dearne CCF cadets meet those from other contingents

Captain Corcoran (Honley CCF) introduces a range of weapon systems



Cadets get their hands on some impressive bits of kit and so does SSI S/Sgt Mather






Sgts Walker and Quinn (4CTT) teach cadets about optical sights

A familiar weapon system not used by the British Army – the AK47

2Lt Guy with an AK47

The latest version of the SA80 (Mk 3)

Refreshments put a smile on everyone’s face

Fieldcraft – contact with the enemy

Fantastic quality and range of food at QEB

After a full day of activities, it was time for bed



Applying cam cream (working in a buddy/buddy system helps!)

Contingent Flag Collection – National Competition Winners (November 2019)

2Lt Guy, Mrs Parkin, Cdt Sophie Ravensdale and Bailey Allott


Cdt Sophie Ravensdale and Bailey Allott attach Remembrance poppies to the display at Newton Newton Flags.

Cdt Sophie Ravensdale and Bailey Allott outside Newton Newton Flags – a family company with proud military history.

The Colours of Dearne CCF

Officer Training CCF Basic Course (Frimley CTC, July 2019)

Fieldcraft – Camouflage and concealment

Safety briefing at Pirbright ranges

Fieldcraft – Camouflage and Concealment

Campcraft – the 24-hour ration pack

Campcraft – setting up your basha

Fieldcraft – Taking care of your weapon is essential, even in the field

2Lt Guy and the other newly commissioned officers at Frimley Park

2Lt Guy at Frimley Park (National Cadet Training Centre) having completed his course

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