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Careers and Post 16 Pathways

Mrs Carruthers – CIAG, Business & Enrichment Leader

Mrs Carruthers is a Level 6 qualified Careers Adviser at Astrea Dearne. She is determined that when our students leave The Dearne ALC, they do so having made a well informed and realistic decision about their next steps in life. This means starting the process long before reaching Year 11. You can find her in the Careers area in school at lunchtimes for drop in sessions. If you would like a careers guidance interview for further help with decision making, this can be booked for you. If you are a parent or carer, you can contact Mrs Carruthers at school to discuss any questions you may have about careers and post 16 options.

Careers and work related learning at the Astrea Dearne

Here at Astrea Dearne, the basis of our Careers and Work Related Learning Policy is that we want students to make well informed and realistic decisions about their choices at school and beyond. Our aim is for students to…

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2017 Destinations

This download shows the destinations of where the students from the year 2017 progressed to.

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Careers research

Use the websites below to research any Career ideas that you may have. Think about… What a job involves and what skills you’ll need • Your willingness to get the qualifications that you’ll need for a job • The pay • The number of hours you’ll…

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Calling all former students of Astrea Dearne. (Or Dearneside Comprehensive School)! We are building an alumni network for Astrea Dearne. and would really like to get in touch with as many of our former students as possible. We would like to keep up…

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University Links

If you are interested in going to University in the future, use these links to find out more: Search for a course you are interested in studying at University.
Click onto a specfic University and course and click on Entry…

Further education (Colleges and 6th forms)

Colleges & Sixth Forms – Use this website to search for courses and to apply online. Type in your postcode to see which providers offer courses in relation to where you live. There are lots of different…

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Apprenticeships and Traineeships

An apprenticeship means being employed in a job role and trained up to a high standard by a company. Alongside this you will study a practical, work based qualification to prove that you are competent in the particular job area that you’re in. You…

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Careers Programme

We have a comprehensive and varied Careers Programme at Astrea Dearne. Every student is entitled access to this programme. Parents and Carers are also welcomed to join in aspects of the programme in order to support their child’s decision making.

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Access Statement

Here at Astrea Dearne, we are proud of the excellent professional relationships that we have with employers, training providers, colleges, sixth forms and universities. We recognise the importance of students having full access to these providers…

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