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The Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) for the school is Francesca Poppleton, Director of Safeguarding.

Email address: Francesca.Poppleton@astreadearne.org


Deputy Safeguarding Lead – Katie Dowling

The Deputy Safeguarding Lead for the school is Katie Dowling, Assistant Principal.

Email address: Katie.Dowling@astreadearne.org


Deputy Safeguarding Lead – Kerry Ann Beet

The Deputy Safeguarding Lead for the school is Kerry Ann Beet, Pastoral Leader.

Email address: Kerryann.Beet@astreadearne.org


If you are concerned that a professional or carer has harmed a child, please contact Ruth Holmes – Local Authority Designated Officer (LADO) on 01226 772341.


Safeguarding Governor – James Annetts

The Safeguarding Governor for the school is James Annetts.


Chair of Governors – Wendy Eyre 

The Chair of Governors for the school is Wendy Eyre.


Our safeguarding team

Student and Safeguarding Lead Year 7

Mr Terry Simon: Terry.Simon@astreadearne.org

Student and Safeguarding Lead Year 8

Miss Emma Simpson: Emma.Simpson@astreadearne.org

Student and Safeguarding Lead Year 9

Mrs Colette Ellis: Colette.Ellis@astreadearne.org

Student and Safeguarding Lead Year 10

Miss Jess Cleary: Jessica.Cleary@astreadearne.org

Student and Safeguarding Lead Year 11

Mrs Kay Child: Kay.Child@astreadearne.org



You can contact Childline about anything. Whatever your worry, its better out than in. Childline is here to help you find ways to cope. There are lots of different ways to get in touch with Childline and you can also get help from other young people through the site. https://www.childline.org.uk/getsupport Call: 0800 11 11

CEOP – A National Crime Agency Command

Has someone done something online that has made you or a child or young person you know, feel worried or unsafe? Make a report to one of CEOP’s experienced Child Protection Advisors. https://ceop.police.uk/CEOP-Reporting/


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